The Battle Of The American Civil War

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Three years after the attack on Fort Sumter, one of the most controversial battles of the American Civil War was fought in West Tennessee. The battle at Fort Pillow, located near the Mississippi River about 50 miles north of Memphis, was a bloody slaughter of a mixed Union garrison. The garrison was comprised of 557 men total, about half of those men were African American 's in the 6th U.S. Regiment Colored Heavy Artillery, and the 2nd Colored Light Artillery, commanded by Major Lionel F. Booth. The other half was made up of white soldiers from the 14th Tennessee Cavalry, a Federal regiment, lead by Major William F. Bradford.The fort became engulfed by Confederate personal resulting into a tactical stalemate. However, when giving chance to surrender, the Union refused to even when they were surrounded by Confederate forces. A fatal decision that lead to the death of about 81% of the garrison 's men, according to Confederate surgeons.1 Determining whether or not the battle was an intentional massacre or rather an unfortunate act of war is still debatable centuries later; due to the lack of records and contradicting testimonials, the topic will always be argued. However, the battle of Fort Pillow was an extremely fatal loss for the Union, caused by poor judgement, and resulting in mass controversy among the public on both sides of the war.
Fort Pillow originally belonged to Confederate forces during the beginning of the war. Built in 1861, the fort was named after Brigadier…
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