The Battle Of The American Civil War

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On April 12th 1861 the famous American Civil War began, citizens from all over the United states fought against one another. The war pitted brother against brother in a fight primarily over the freedom of slaves. The majority of soldiers in the Civil War were white especially those serving the southern regiments, however African Americans served as well. The black regiments of the military during the civil were successful and essential. These African Americans were referred to as Buffalo Soldiers, a name given to them later by Native Americans because of the texture of their hair. The Buffalo Soldiers lead a successful and effective military campaign, according to famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass “One black regiment alone would be,…show more content…
African American troops were useful members at the battle of San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill during the Spanish-American War.
The Buffalo Soldiers did more than just fight in a variety of wars, the soldiers helped immensely in transforming the west. Buffalo Soldiers Provided aid to wounded soldiers on the battlefield during the Indian Wars and Spanish American Wars. Without their aid the outcome of many battles could have been less ideal for the side being aided. Besides aiding soldiers African American soldiers helped in settling the west during the Indian Wars. The black soldiers were responsible for protecting civilian workers and villages on the frontier from Indians. Without their aid on the frontier it would have been much harder or impossible for settlers to develop the frontier. The Buffalo Soldiers also proved their worth when defending the frontier such as the battles at Fort Arbuckle and Fort Leavenworth.
Buffalo Soldiers also helped build and maintain infrastructure during the westward expansion of the United States. The soldiers protected the new frontier settlers from violence perpetrated by Indians making it easier and safer for the settlers to develop the west. Without their help the west would have been significantly harder to settle and would have been much more dangerous than it already was. Another extremely import job that the Buffalo Soldiers did was being the first park rangers. Buffalo Soldiers served as early
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