The Battle Of The Bulge

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Battle of the Bulge The United States remains a country with a rich history in several issues including strong military activities including their incursion in Iraq, Afghanistan and other volatile countries around the world. However, the devastations of the Battle of the Bulge make it as one of the deadliest and bloodiest wars that the U.S has ever witnessed in history. It led to various war tactics with artillery emerging from it and other military operation challenges. Despite its unpredictable nature and the large casualties that it realized on the side of the Americans, it positively contributed to various efficient military operations in the contemporary war battles like those taking place in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan among other places globally. Therefore, this essay purposefully discusses the history and outcome of the role of artillery in the Battle of the Bulge and how it relates to the evolution of the contemporary military operation. The Battle of the Bulge is construed as a double war where the combatants not only fought themselves on the battleground but also the cold winter weather at the time. The war that pitted American soldiers against German commandos under the control of the Adolf Hitler a German chancellor at the time had neither a clear winner nor clear agenda hence setting the stage for the war. Political commentators contend that the U.S and the Germans were fighting over global supremacy and not a common enemy. For instance, while the

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