The Battle Of The Bulge

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When Eisenhower summons 10th Armored Division to Bastogne, Patton exercises disciplined initiative in setting the stage for victory at the Battle of the Bulge. Before Patton is summoned to Verdun, he set the conditions for his forces to break away from the battle in the Saar River Valley and move toward Bastogne. Patton initially protests the order to send the 10th Armored Division to Bastogne. Losing an entire division would weaken his effort to Invade Germany in the Saar. However, Patton finally agrees, and sends COL William L. Roberts, Commander of the 10th Armored Division, to reinforce Bastogne. Within one hour he begins moving an entire division north. Based off his intuition, Patton anticipates seriousness of the German attack in the Ardennes Forrest. He calls his staff in and advises them to prepare for a 90 degree turn to the north in preparation for a counter attack in Bastogne. Patton begins planning himself. His plan focuses on a relentless advance and attack. Patton believes in a proactive attack. He wants to choose the time and place for the attack, as opposed to letting the enemy determine the battle. He and his staff prepare a plan to send three divisions from 3rd Army toward Bastogne. On 18 December, Patton meets with General Omar Bradley, Commander of 12th Army, to discuss the developing situation in the Ardennes Forrest. Bradley shows Patton a map of the bulge. Patton’s intuition is reinforced. He foresees the Germans plan to head west to the Meuse River

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