The Battle Of The Bulge

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The Battle of the Bulge was one of the Bloodiest battles of World War II with around 175,000 total casualties and played a key role in ending the War. The Battle started as a German surprise attack on Allied Forces along an 80-mile front in the Ardennes Forest of southern Belgium. The Germans initially had a great deal of success in their attack but through a series of Allied counter attacks the Allied Forces were able to cripple the German Forces. The Field Artillery played a crucial role in this Allied victory in that they were able to effectively thin out the German Tanks which allowed Allied Ground forces to push back the German Forces. The strategic setting, the battle itself, and the overall significance of the battle clearly displays the Field Artilleries importance in both the battle and the war. The strategic setting of the Battle of the Bulge showed the American forces were comprised of four and two-thirds divisions with an effective strength of about 83,000 men. The heavy weapons then available numbered 242 medium tanks, 182 tank destroyers, and 394 pieces of corps and divisional artillery. These troops and weapons were deploying on a roundabout front of around 80 miles. Another 20 infantry divisions, nine armored divisions including 4,100 additional artillery pieces reinforced the Americans after the battle began. The Germans began their offensive with over 200,000 men, 340 tanks, and 1,600 artillery pieces. These forces grew by another 12 infantry

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