The Battle Of The Civil War

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During the time of the Civil War there were many battles going on off of the battlefield that placed the United States of America in great turmoil. While the literal war was being fought throughout the country there were still political, ethical and emotional battles taking place. A big question of the Civil War was about its origins and if there was more than just one cause for the rebellion of the South. Many issues at hand during this time are: slavery, westward expansion, and states’ rights. Westward expansion and states’ rights tend to be two sides of the same coin while slavery is a big issue in and of itself. These authors are addressing their thoughts on the Civil War and what they thought caused it. A historiographical question…show more content…
Owsley wrote of the agrarian society in the South with the underlying question of slavery and why it was such a needed matter in order to keep business flowing in the South. He addresses the idea that the North could never understand how the South functions until the North themselves was as filled with African Americans as the South was at that time. So why was it that the South was so filled and had such a “need” for slaves while the workers in the North were doing hard manual labor on their own? “Party Failure” by Nichols suggests that with the change of political parties at this time and the change of a long reigning Democratic government to that of a Republic government what in that could have been a bigger cause for the war. A historiographical question in this article could be why, after all these years and peaceful changings of power before, was there a war started due to the absurd idea of political parties, after all George Washington did tell the United States to stay away from them. So if political parties would not have been around would there have been as much of a cause to start a war. The article by James Ford Rhodes, “Slavery, the Sole Cause” argued that the Civil War was caused by slavery and slavery alone. Rhodes wrote “If the negro had never been brought to America and enslaved, South Carolina would not have
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