The Battle Of The Civil War

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America formed the United States through a revolution, which took place in the year 1776-83. However, this unity was first shaken by the Civil War because some states wanted to separate themselves from this unity that had lasted for approximately 100 years. The American Civil War is a historic affair and one of the bloodiest battles in history of the US (Engle, & Krick, 2003). It is considered one of the bloodstained happenings in the history of the US because more than 600, 000 people died. A majority of this number were soldiers. This fatal battle happened between the years 1861 to 1865.
The Civil War emerged because of several reasons. The causes of the civil war remain very argumentative and it is always seen as a complex issue because many people have several reasons why the war began. The difference of opinions between states in regard to slavery was major concern and the reason why the battle began (Engle, & Krick, 2003). In 1850s, slavery was the reason of a huge political tension. In the Northern, the Republican Party worked hard to end the era of slavery. However, Southern had threatened a succession in case Abraham Lincoln would win the fourth coming election. During the campaigns, Lincoln had promised that he would bring an end to slavery and because of such promises; the Southern did not support him (McPherson, 2013). Despite the division and lack of support from one end, Abraham Lincoln won the election. The tension rose high because people from the

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