The Battle Of The Civil War

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Four score and seven years ago..." These are the famous words that start Abraham Lincoln 's famous Gettysburg Address from November 19, 1963, which was an inspiring speech regarding equal rights. This speech was delivered during a time when much of the country was at odds on the very topic of slavery and equal rights for all men. In the 1860’s, equal rights were a hot button issue. Slavery was a major point of debate during Lincoln’s run for presidency in 1860. The debate over equal rights and slavery even spurred the division of the country and by the time of Lincoln’s official inauguration into
Presidential office on March 4, 1861, 7 southern states had already decided to secede from the Union.
Those 7 states started the
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Although Lincoln loss that bid for a seat in the Senate, that campaign brought him to national prominence. Just like in his failed attempt at a Senate seat in 1858, Lincoln once again faced Stephen
Douglas, as well as two others (Breckinridge and Bell), but this time Lincoln prevailed to win the
Presidency of the United States of America due to having more votes in the Electoral college. This is noteworthy because he only garnered about forty percent of the popular American majority vote. Lincoln’s win for the presidency was the event that prompted several states to secede from the Union.
In 1961, Just one month after taking the office of President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln found himself in a Civil War when the Confederate Army opened fire on Fort Sumpter located in South
Carolina which was under Union control. The Civil War was an event that truly changed history. A part of the country left and was at war with itself. The Confederate states did not want to let go of their rights to have slaves and were at odds with the Union. Lincoln found himself trying to run the country and fight a war at the same time. Also during this time, Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation giving freedom to millions of slaves. As president, Lincoln had a lot on his plate. There were many big battles in the Civil war and many were won by the Confederacy.
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