The Battle Of The Civil War

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Have you ever wondered why the Civil War happened or why it was so substantial to American History? What was the battle that changed it all; that made it the history it is today? Many people have made speculations on the causes of the war and what the major turning point was, but cannot really narrow it down. In James McPherson’s Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam he points out the pivotal moments in American history that led up to and changed the Civil War, so that the reader can get a better insight on the causes and major moments that took place. McPherson explains that the Battle of Antietam was the battle that changed the course of the Civil War along with other important battles and moments. To begin, on April 12, 1861 the Civil War began and it continued into 1865. McPherson states that: “If President Abraham Lincoln wished to achieve his war aims of preserving the United States as a whole nation – a Union of all the states – his armies would have to invade the Confederacy, defeat its armies, conquer and occupy its territory, and destroy its government” (McPherson 11). This statement represents the true beginning of the bloody and violent war. Many people felt it was impossible for the Union to beat the Confederacy because of the many battles they had lost at this point (McPherson 11-12). With humiliating defeat at Bull Run and Balls Bluff things were not looking good for the Union. McPherson also states that, “After the defeat at Bull Run, Lincoln had called General

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