The Battle Of The Civil War

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Antietam A Change of Tides GROUP 1 SFC FUENTESCOLON SSG LUND SSG PATRUNO SSG WISNIOWSKI SENIOR LEADERS COURSE 13B40 CLASS 002-15 17 OCTOBER 2014 Outline Thesis: Despite the Confederate momentum going into Antietam, the battle would be the overall turning point of the Civil War. I. Introduction: Cause of the Civil War • America before the Civil War • America leading into the Civil War II. Union troops heading into Antietam • Placement of forces for the battle • Commanding officers during the battle III. Confederate troops heading into Antietam • Movement of Confederate troops after Richmond • Lee victorious to move into Maryland IV. The battle • Three phases of battle throughout the day • Union bad choices opportunity for Confederacy V. Conclusion SFC Fuentescolon SSG Lund SSG Patruno SSG Wisniowski Instructor: SFC Ogdenski Senior Leaders Course 13B40 Class 002-15 17 October 2014 The United States after its independence from Great Britain in 1783 would have an astronomical urge to grow as a country and world power. This hunger of expansion grew into the idea of manifest destiny, which is the belief that American culture and religion should settle the entire North American continent. With this mindset, the United States between 1800 and 1850 would engage in three major conflicts expanding its borders to nearly three quarters of the country in which we know today. As with all growth, there is pain associated. The United States would be no different.

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