The Battle Of The Civil War

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On March 2, 1861 Texas became the seventh state to join the new Confederacy. Texas played a part in the war which this and all future generations of Texans can be justly proud of. Its people gave their full measure of courage and devotion to the cause. Texas forces distinguished themselves throughout the war in numerous ways, however one of the most significant was the state proving itself to be all but impregnable to the Union. During the course of the Civil War, the Union tried four times to take a foothold in the State of Texas. As has been indicated, Texas was well-nigh free from military operations by the enemy throughout the period of the war. The state proved to be impregnable against invasion and the attempts made by the Federals…show more content…
There were four Federal vessels in the harbor, the steamer Harriet Lane, which was at the wharf; the brig Westfield, the gun boat Owassee, and the transport Clifton. On the night of December 31 the movement was begun. Magruder and the land forces proceeded from Virginia Point to the island and took a position in the town, in preparation for an early morning attack next day. Before daybreak on New Year’s day, 1863, Magruder opened fire on the Federals and drove them to the extreme northern end of the island. The cottonclads, in the meantime, arrived in the harbor and attacked the Harriet Lane. The Confederate boat Neptune was sunk in shallow water, but the Bayou City approached the Harriet Lane so close that she became entangled in the latter’s rigging. The Confederates leaped on board the Federal vessel and a hand-to-hand struggle ensued. After a stubborn resistance, during which the principal officers of the Harriet Lane were killed, the Federals surrendered. The Westfield, in attempting to leave the harbor, ran aground and, in order to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Confederates a train was laid to blow up the vessel and the crew abandoned her. There was some delay in the explosion and fifteen Federals were sent back on board to investigate and remedy the defect. They had no sooner reached the Westfield than the explosion occurred, and all of the party were killed.

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