The Battle Of The Civil War

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Authors: Teni Adebayo- Blue Michael Mikhaiel-Red There were many major events that occurred in the state of Texas, but none of them were as disastrous as the ones that happened in the Civil War. The Civil War was the war with the most American deaths. Many battles happened in Texas, but in the Civil War there were many significant battles that took place in Texas. The first battle of the Civil war that was fought on Texas soil was the Battle of Sabine Pass. This battle was another attempt by the Union to get part of Texas from the Confederacy. The reason why the Union was trying to take part of Texas ,and the states southern of the Mississippi river back to the union, was because of the cotton they produced.…show more content…
Another victory for the Confederacy. On July 1861 the Union Navy began another blockade at Galveston Harbor. The union sent Harriet Lane flying a flag of truce. This meant if they did not surrender they would attack them. Four of the Union 's steamers entered and went straight to where Harriet Lane was. The Confederates saw this and started shooting at the Union. The U.S. Navy answered back with guns. Finally the Union disabled one of the confederate 's guns at Fort Point, then went for the other two. Two Rebel guns started firing on Union ships. The boat that Col. Cook had sent now approached the Union ships and two of the Confederate officers boarded the U.S.S Westfield. Renshaw demanded a surrender of Galveston or he would start shelling. Col. Cook refused Renshaw 's terms, and Renshaw threatened to start shelling and made plans for towing the mortar boat into position. One of the major Confederate officers wanted to talk to col. Cook, because Commander Renshaw and him made a truce that will last for four days to make sure all the women, children, and Aliens out of the city. Cook allowed this but added if Renshaw moved his troop any closer that Cook would let his troops go south. Since this truce wasn 't written down it caused problems later. The Confederates did indeed evacuate, taking everything they had including their weapons, ammunition, supplies and whatever else they could carry. Renshaw did not think that
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