The Battle Of The Civil War

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BACKGROUND William Tecumseh Sherman, although not a career military commander before the war, would become one of "the most widely renowned of the Union’s military leaders next to U. S. Grant.” One of the most debated figures of the Civil War, Sherman has been equally celebrated and reviled in public memory. He brought hard warfare to the South, leaving a wake of destruction through Georgia and South Carolina which hastened the surrender of Confederate forces in the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia in April 1865. His harsh tactics ended the bloody conflict and resulted in freedom for millions of enslaved people. Sherman 's March to the Sea or the Savannah battle was the hostile propelled crosswise over Georgia by Union general William T Sherman amid the civil war. After effectively directing The Atlanta Campaign prior that year, Sherman and his men began the Savannah crusade from the caught city of Atlanta on November 15, 1864. The crusade finished on December 21, 1864, with a catch of port city of Savannah. When Sherman began his walk to the ocean; Confederate armed force was at that point on the back foot. The point of Sherman 's hostile was to handicapped Confederate economy and assurance and hurry the end of the war. THE FALL OF ATLANTA From May to September, 1864 General Sherman effectively ran his Atlanta crusade amid which his armed force had assumed control over the city of Atlanta from Confederate control. Atlanta was a railroad center point. It had weapons

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