The Battle Of The Civil War

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It was a group of radical Republicans and southern Democrats in 1865 that set the tone for one of the most infamous and earlier gridlock stories in Congress. After the assignation of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson became president and the dispute incurred over how to fix the country. The Civil War had left the country with insurmountable damage and Congress could not agree on how to rectify the situation. Northern Republicans wanted to open voting rights to former slaves, which is exactly what the southern Democrats did not want. These Republicans, wanting to get more votes, passed two voting right pieces of legislation, which Johnson vetoes. Thus begins not only gridlock in Congress, but also attempted impeachment of Andrew Jackson. Gridlock is brought about by valid and meaningful pieces of legislations that both major political parties cannot agree to instate and while Congress may not agree to pass it, most often it is the citizens that suffer. (Browning)
There are various reasons for Congress to achieve gridlock. Wikipedia defines congressional gridlock as, “a situation when there is difficulty in passing laws that satisfy the needs of the people… when the ration between bill s passed and the agenda of the legislature decreases.” (Wikipedia) Sarah Binder writer for Brookings states, “ Alexander Hamilton was complaining more than two centuries ago about the deadlock rooted in the design of the Continental Congress. In many ways, “gridlock is endemic to our

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