The Battle Of The Civil War

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One of the most, if not the most, pivotal battles in American History was the Civil War. In this mêlée of brother vs. brother, that lasted 4 years, it would be the Union that would come out on top and assert the victory against the Confederate. If we observe the simple particulars of the war, we realize that the Confederacy was predestined to lose this battle; they were out-financed, out-equipped, and without a doubt out-numbered. They have been many scholars; conversely who have given their diverse theories on how the South could have in fact defeated the Union and triumphed in the war. So in this assignment, I look to examine these theories and dispute them on each hypothesis. So, let’s explore the question, was there anything that the…show more content…
What if he took more of a defensive tactic in the fight; perhaps Lee could have held the North at bay long enough until the Union became weary of combating and sought after some sort of negotiated settlement. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t believe that would have helped any in their cause. The south was already under the assumption that their soldiers were more superior and they fully thought they had the battle in hand. They wouldn’t, in my estimation, in their pride have taken too well to a “defensive” strategy by General Lee. I often wonder myself, on the other hand, with the deck stacked against the Confederacy so high, how and why did they hold out in the battle for so long. In all my research I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply held out due to unsurpassed audacity, and resilience; oh did I forget to mention, in my outlook, they had better generals. They literally had more fighting in them than the North did. These men truly thought they were right in their cause to fight. They were keen, obstinate and superb soldiers for the most part; felt that they were shielding their land and their way of life. When it comes to defending a man’s home, you may awake a sleeping giant, and this is exactly how the Confederacy felt. As a result, they fought and raved on for four years like an unapologetic savage beast. In the mind of the Confederate soldier, the North had no right to tell them they couldn’t secede from

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