The Battle Of The Cold War

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The scene was set for a nation to change. Fresh off of the economic and political victory that was World War II for the United States, The Soviet Union sent a challenge to the U.S that set up one of the biggest, and potentially apocalyptic stand-offs in history. The Cold War, the great stand off between the Americans and the Soviets lasted from 1947 to about 1991 according to Major Problems in American History Since 1945. This Cold War would change the culture in the United States forever, stamping it’s air of alertness and terror not only on the citizens of the U.S but on the politicians that ran the country as well. After the second world war, there was a brief sense of ultimate security within the country. The United States was the lone wolf, the top dog in the terms of defense and especially, in regards to the A-Bomb which the Soviets first tested successfully in 1949 (Brands, H.W). That all changed with the Cold War, the Soviet Union stepped into the arena, thus sending shockwaves throughout the country. These two countries also shared differences ideologically especially in the years immediately following WW II. The American government, specifically foreign policy officials, took it their mission to successfully spread capitalism and democracy across the globe, this was a very drastic difference to the Soviet’s desire to overthrow capitalism. The Cold War shaped 1950s American society and culture by creating the containment mentality that would follow the United

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