The Battle Of The Cold War

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No event in history has caused more debate among academics than that of the origins of the Cold War. The Cold War was a result of the United States and the Soviets unable to accept the others ideological vision for their country and how it would benefit the world. This war was security based and ideology fixated on proving why each side was right. What came from this was a clash of competing historiographical views of an orthodox and revisionist approach. Orthodox views, including that of John Gaddis, hold the Soviet Union responsible due Stalin’s want to expand communism/ Soviet influence. By violating the Yalta agreement, the United States had no choice but to take this violation as an attack that threaten the West and would do anything necessary to contain Stalin. Disagreeing with Orthodox views has led to Revisionists including Walter LaFeber, to contend that it was actually the United States through their policies and want of economic hegemony that led to the breakdown of the USSR/USA alliance and therefore contributed to the start of the Cold War. What Orthodox and Revisionist interpretations highlight is that there are two sides to every story and it is impossible to discredit one without discrediting the other. Evidence proves that while both the United States and the Soviet Union are to blame for the start of the Cold War and therefore the theory that best fits the available evidence comes from the Revisionist interpretation. A week before President Roosevelt died

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