The Battle Of The Cold War

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The battle in ideologies between communism and capitalism lead to one of the greatest conflicts of the twentieth century. The concept that freedom and democracy would not survive under communist rule triggered a battle that could endure for decades. American media significantly impacted the attitudes of Americans, creating a hatred of communism to spread throughout the nation. The political relations in Europe, during and directly after World War II, played a large part in laying the foundation for the Cold War. Wartime seminars, like Yalta and Tehran, only harshened the relationship involving the communists and the capitalists. By the end of World War II, American policy towards the Soviets had transformed drastically, along with the change of president in 1945, which further caused relations with Russia to worsen. Additional contributions to the Cold War included the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. The section of Europe, between the west and east, drew on physical borders outlining that the war of misinformation had formally commenced. The waging of hot wars through other countries also strengthened Cold War hatred. The first of the Cold War tensions arose out of World War II conferences between the Soviet Union, America and Great Britain. Tehran, the first major conference and the one that lead America to start the Cold War, included all three of these nations. At this conference, the reshaping of post-war Europe was discussed, then later in February of

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