The Battle Of The Confederate Army

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William Thomas was 36 and the owner of a plantation in Virginia near Norfolk. He had a wife, two daughters, and a son who he intended to pass the plantation on to just as he father had to him. Following the events of Fort Sumter, he elected to join the Confederate army to defend against what he saw as the Union’s invasion. April 20, 1861 Plantation near Norfolk, Virginia The Yanks to the north have the nerve declare war, and a blockade no less, against us over us taking what is rightfully ours! Fort Sumter is part of South Carolina and therefore the property of the Confederacy. Those Union soldiers had no right to refuse handing it over. They claim it was an act of aggression, I say we were just doing what was necessary to take what was rightfully ours. I won’t stand by while Yanks invade our land and our homes and try to tell us how we should live our lives. Tomorrow, I will leave for Richmond to join the Confederate Army. I will leave the plantation in my son’s charge. I have taught him how to manage it for when he inherits it himself. With luck, he will be able to manage it at his own discretion without a bunch of bureaucrats forcing their way into his business. April 25, 1861 Richmond, Virginia I have arrived in Richmond and have enlisted. They eagerly accepted me into the ranks as the need for soldiers is high. There has been talk that some may be conscripted to fill the need. April 26, 1861 Richmond , Virginia I have been issued my equipment. It
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