The Battle Of The Confederate Battle Flag

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A Slow Extinction All the conflict the Confederate battle flag has raised in the past month elevates the question “should the flag stay up or be taken down.” Many states have already taken it down from official buildings. Other questions appear asking if the flag symbolizes racism or heritage. As said by Coulter “Think of all the actual people you know, Southern or Yankee. Have any of them ever expressed support for slavery? Ever, ever, ever? No they haven 't” (Battle Over Flag).No one wants to see slavery come back. The Civil War and slavery is definitely a big scar on the United States. The flag does not represent any of this; the Confederate flag stands as a symbol of heritage in the eyes of many people, but as a racist disgrace in the eyes of others. One misconception is the confederate flag one sees today is not the flag the Confederates had for their government. The confederate government has their own flag, but over the years it changed. With the formation of the Confederate States of America in early 1861, one of the first orders of business was to create a flag for the new nation. They wanted it to resemble the Union’s flag, but they changed the stripes to three bars. There are seven stars to represent the states apart of the confederate government. Since the Union flag was known as the “Stars and Stripes,” the confederacy named their flag the “Stars and Bars.” In this day and time the only way to know who is on whose side is with a flag, and a great confusion…

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