The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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The confederate flag has been a symbol of power that has caused oppression throughout its existence, but recently, more than ever, it has come under fire due to its association with racism. In June of 2015, Dylann Roof executed nine people inside of a Black church in South Carolina. As the media began to dig into this homegrown terrorist 's background, they uncovered symbols that he attached his ideologies to. One prominent symbol was the confederate flag. In the immediate following weeks there were calls for America to divest in the confederacy. Big corporations began to pull the confederate flags from their product lines. Cities like Memphis, Tennessee, that changed the name of one of the city 's parks named after Nathan Bedford Forrest—a slave trader/owner and known racist, voted to also remove Forrest 's statue and his and his wife 's remains that lay beneath the statue. Ultimately, South Carolina 's government passed an amendment to retire the confederate flag on state grounds—vowing to 'honor ' the nine lives lost.
The confederacy has also left its mark on higher education through symbols, mascots, and traditions. Universities like the University of Memphis utilize colors from the confederacy to celebrate school pride. Additionally, the University of Mississippi’s administrators only in recent years did away with its slave owning mascot, Colonel Reb. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has been called upon to change their mascot in the wake of the Charleston…
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