The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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The debate over the recent mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina has sparked a controversy involving the presence of the Confederate flag. Apparently, there is a common perception among Democrats that the Confederates are associated with racial crime and hate in America. The suspect behind the shooting in Charleston has confessed that he acted about the idea of white supremacy in the South. A large section of the American population agrees the flag is a symbol of racism since it was established in honor of white civil war soldier who wanted to preserve slavery in the region. Interestingly, the flag has remained a monumental symbol in the states and is still erected in the front of South Carolina’s state house. For years after the civil war, the Confederate flag was a symbol of pride in the region but later became a white supremacists emblem of racists and criminal gangs like the Ku Klux Klan. The debate of whether to ban and remove the Confederate flag in the United States is attracting a fierce debate from all sides. African-Americans believe the flag is a hindrance to fighting against racial hate in the country. Contradictory arguments from pro-Confederate flag individuals are that the flag remains a symbol of resilience during the civil war.
For starters, South Carolina was one of the states that fought against western imperialism propagated by Northern states. The states was the first in seceding from the Union of the United States of America. Gaining independence…
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