The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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The debate over the recent mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina has sparked a controversy involving the presence of the Confederate flag. Apparently, there is a common perception among Democrats that the Confederates are associated with racial crime and hate in America. The suspect behind the shooting in Charleston has confessed that he acted about the idea of white supremacy in the South. A large section of the American population agrees the flag is a symbol of racism since it was established in honor of white civil war soldier who wanted to preserve slavery in the region. Interestingly, the flag has remained a monumental symbol in the states and is still erected in the front of South Carolina’s state house. For years after the…show more content…
It is alleged that the Northern states used slavery as an excuse to invade Southern states. However, white supremacist still upheld some of the imperial ideologies that the black community had limited rights to ownership of property and other liberties. Interestingly, the western imperialist were the first in abolishing slavery and acknowledge the practice as immorally wrong. Also, the imperialist were interested in resources of the Southern states. Apparently, the depletion and transfer of resources from the South to the North was economically unfair. The need to defend the independence, religion, slavery, and resources to a civil war that embodied the Southern states through a Confederate flag (48). A great debate still exist as to whether the confederate flag was an important factor in the civil war.
As mentioned, the Confederate states were naturally imperialistic and wanted to continue with such culture of acquiring new territories like the white settlers. In any case, the Confederates were original heirs to colonial tendencies. In fact, South Carolina and Mississippi were in the forefront in defending slavery as an integral factor in the flourishing industrialization. Apart from slavery, racial discrimination was a colonial tool propagated by the Confederates. The Southern states were vocal in denying African-Americans their rights to freedom, voting, and basic education. After the civil war, use of hate
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