The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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Being a black woman, in a “white man’s” world, is a very hard thing to encounter; especially growing up in the south where racism is still clearly evident. Georgiana, Al, the small town I grew up in, a white man owns everything. The only exception is the night club that is open only Thursday thru Saturday, but even that business is on the way of being shut down just because it is a popular business owned by a black man. Growing up I have seen first-hand racism, discrimination, and stereotyping against towards the black community. South Alabama today is full of discrimination, confederate flags, and hatred towards black people. Many white Americans in the south will argue that the confederate flag represents their “culture” and their historical background, which I find ludicrous. The confederate flag flew under the laws of the confederacy where racism and slavery were openly accepted, if not encouraged, in the states of the confederacy. People that encourage the flight of the confederate flag have not considered that part of history in their argument for why the flag is flown. Instead, they argue some ridiculous claims that the flag represents a time where the south was at its “most successful point in history.” As many can tell, I believe that this sorry excuse to be racist is a load of poppycock. I know that not all people who believe in the flight of the confederate flag are racist, but the majority that does support this is racist. Growing up and now I have friends

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