The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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Thomas Jefferson’s motto, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God”, that originates from the Declaration of Independence sparked rebellious characters in U. S. History. Society has delineated the definition of rebel in several ways. Many, in the new era, do not know the history behind the meaning of a true rebel. The definition of rebel has changed in America from patriot in the time of the American Revolutionary war to confederate in the Civil War and to redneck in today’s societal controversy concerning the image of the Confederate flag. The first definition of rebel originates from the term of patriot from the Revolutionary War. The definition of rebel in the colonies during the Revolutionary War time was a person who was acting against the British who made the colonies pay taxes and obey laws that the British enforced. The British, on the other hand, thought the colonies was a place to get some land and more money. The British thought the colonials who were rebelling against them, were just people refusing to pay their taxes and didn’t really want to cause a rebellion. The Declaration of Independence states the justification for the title of a rebel, or patriot, as "for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another” (Allen 58). The colonies were rebelling to earn freedom from the British. The second definition of rebel is derived from the term confederate from the Civil War. The term rebel was used by the northerners for the

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