The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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Statement of pride or statement of hate? Many people have strong opinions when it comes to the Confederate Flag; many others are not as educated as they think they are on this topic. When it comes to what the civil war was really caused by, and what the Flag really stands for, people tend to make up their own conclusions. There is much about the Confederacy’s side of the war that isn’t taught in schools or reported on the news. The Flags of the Confederacy are prominent figures in American History. The Civil War was a time in American history when the nation was divided. In 1860, the nation split into two sides, north and south. These two sides, United States of America and Confederate States of America, went to war for four years. The south, the Confederate states, had seceded from the Union states and created their own government, leaders, and flags. They even had their own election. On November 6, 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected president of the CSA for a six-year term, though he was the only president of the nation(History). South Carolina was the first state to secede. South Carolina began the CSA because they felt the government had too much power. They didn’t want the government controlling their way of life, which included plantation farming, livestock raising, and yes, slave labor. The national government was trying to restrict the states’ rights to their own governments and people. Four months later, six more states had seceded. One thing the budding nation…
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