The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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The Confederate flag remains to be a hot topic that is drawing a lot of controversy in the state of Mississippi. Some individuals feel that the flag has a right to be flying all over the state; while, others can see it removed completely. The purpose of this paper is to discuss in detail four important topics as follows: (1) the history of the Confederate flag, (2) the economic impact, (3) state agencies and municipalities’ stance and (4) the Legislative position concerning the issue. The flag originated as a banner, but in today’s society is recognized as a symbol. The symbol of the flag represents the Confederate war. Because of strong emotional ties Confederate ancestors have a particular perception of the flag. However, everyone does not share the same opinion, some perceptions are different and often conflicts with what others understand the flag to mean (Coski, 2015). During the war in the year of 1862, Southerners were known as Confederates. Therefore, they disconnected themselves from symbols of old, which was the Confederate national flags and adopted the symbol of the Confederate battle flag. The flag, perhaps inextricably intertwined with states’ rights, slavery, and the Confederacy, which gave the battle flags a new meaning. The flag will always be the “flag of the Confederate soldier”, and therefore Southerners would like for it to be respected as such. However, since 1865 the flag has taken on additional meanings, as it has been used in different ways…
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