The Battle Of The Confederate Flags

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The Confederate flags those hung in the campus of Harvard University on March, 1991 triggered many controversial disputes among the faculty of the Harvard community. Many students argued with the hanging of those offensive flags in the window of the dormitory are the symbols of Slavery and offer many offensive message, while others claimed that those symbols are the form of freedom of speech and it should be protected according to the First Amendment. The Harvard faculty did not react to the incident that happened on the campus until President Bok 's speech on March 12. Derek Bok, he was the president of Harvard University, he implied that he is not the supporter for both sides. When he stood up for the justice and solved the disagreements that have risen up within the Harvard community, he appeared to imply carefully and rethink as a highly educated lawyer. His ideas and suggestions for resolving the problem, unlike the other universities and colleges, they were peaceful and properly conducted. Bok comments that when speaking about the universities who have “enacted codes to protect their communities from forms of speech that are deemed to be insensitive to the feelings of other groups” Bok created caution that these universities actually ignored or even violated the First Amendment. This controversial incident risen up one the campus of Harvard University, and it leaded to a protest because of some students displayed a swastika, a very offensive symbol for minorities.…

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