The Battle Of The Confederate Forces

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The battle began on July 1st, 1863 when Brigadier General John Buford met the Confederate forces just northwest of the town to slow their advances. General Buford and his troops successfully stalled the enemy until their reinforcements arrived. The Confederate reinforcements, led by Generals Hill and Ewell. The Confederacy forced the Union Army to retreat back through Gettysburg to the south of the town. There they joined the main Union forces led by Major General George Gordon Meade, who had been at the same time preparing to meet the Confederacy’s main forces led by General Robert E. Lee (, 2015). Major General George Gordon Meade was born in Spain, while his father was stationed there as an officer in the United States Navy. After the death of his father, General moved his family back to the states for financial reasons. In 1835 General Meade graduated from the Military Academy at West Point. After graduation he pursued a civilian career as an engineer for the railroads. In1940 he married Margaretta Sergeant and they had seven children. Meade was a Brigadier General when the Civil War began (, 2015).

General Robert Edward Lee, born in Virginia in 1807. Born into a military family, he graduated 2nd in his class at West Point in 1829. He was originally assigned to an engineer unit, and then became the superintendent of the academy in 1852. After that assignment he took over the 2nd Cavalry unit. Once Virginia seceded from the
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