The Battle Of The Confederate Home Front

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During the American Civil War, the Confederate home front faced many challenges as the war progressed. While the soldiers of the Confederacy went off to fight in the war, daily life of the Confederacy had to continue. The Confederate community of Richmond, Virginia is an example of a Confederate community that had to continue with the grinds of everyday life. The Daily Richmond Enquirer is a great source to use to understand the events and attitudes of daily life in Richmond. During the month of October in 1862, there were three main attitudes that were being expressed by the citizens of Richmond, Virginia. The first attitude was resentment towards the North. The second was optimism about the Confederacy beating the Union and being a…show more content…
These arrests showed the villainy of the Union and their intimidation of unarmed citizens. The second account was published on Oct. 14th. This article reported that the Daily Richmond Enquirer had received a letter from an informant in Missouri. The letter, as quoted, stated that, “In short, our citizens are being murdered by hundreds, imprisoned by thousands and robbed and plundered of their property by the hundreds of thousands, and this you may report as truth, and nothing but the truth.” All three of the detailed accounts by the daily had helped reinforce the already present resentment that existed between the Union and the citizens of Richmond. They resented the North because the Union was pillaging their fellow Southerners. They felt that they were being vandalized and victimized by the North. The second attitude expressed by the citizens of Richmond was optimism about the Confederacy beating the Union and being a recognized nation. The Daily Richmond Enquirer had multiple articles about the stance of the European nations on Confederate recognition. The Confederate home front was very optimistic that European nations would recognize the Confederacy quickly. The home front knew that if the Confederacy was recognized as a nation by the European powers, then the Union would also be forced to recognize them as well. They also knew
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