The Battle Of The Confederate War

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In the wake of the June 17th shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, protesters have been successful in their campaign against the Confederate Battle Flag resulting in its removal from state buildings. They have pursued the issue further, arguing that all Confederate Civil War memorials should be removed. I disagree; the Confederate monuments hold too great a historical value to simply dispose of them like last night’s dinner. The monuments and memorials under fire all possess similar traits that causes social and racial tension. By first identifying these traits we can then make the necessary adjustments to remedy the issue. Again, Confederate war memorials possess a valuable glimpse into the past and are worth preserving because if we…show more content…
Conflict of interest often appears with post-Civil Rights Movement monuments. Placing a Confederate statue near a Civil Rights Movement memorial could be seen as an attempt to strengthen white supremacy which is one of the fastest ways to aggravate the immediate audience which would result in the removal of the Confederate monument. The placement of a statue can lend it authority or the semblance of government support. Monuments can be placed near a government building or near government-backed memorials and this tactic is known as symbolic accretion (2, p.420). A new Confederate monument is being built in Texas which demonstrates positively and negatively attributes as mentioned above. I will discuss what was done the right way first. Before building commenced a survey was given to the residents to see if they approved of the project. It received a 74% approval rating. The project is being built on private property and is being funded by a non-government organization. This aspect gives the memorial little added authority. The memorial recognizes the thirty two divisions from Texas that fought in the Civil War. Since being that it is located in Texas, it is relevant to this location. Now, for what the memorial did wrong. Ever since the memorial was announced the local NAACP branch has protested it. Also, it is being built near a highway. Though organizers checked
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