The Battle Of The Coral Sea

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The Battle of the Coral Sea has been addressed by several interviews from people who have participated in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This battle included aircraft carriers that engaged each other with the advantage of aviation assets. These aircraft carriers did not have the technology to see each other, so they relied significantly on the use of aviation assets. These aviation assets acted as artillery reconnaissance for the ships to engage the Japanese. This four day battle starting on four May 1942 was a major naval battle that was conducted in the Pacific Theater during World War II (WWII). The Battle of the Coral Sea consisted of the Japanese Navy, the United States, and Australia. The significance of aviation assets contributed greatly to the flexibility allowing commanders to efficiently control maneuver capabilities. The United States used radar systems, but was a limited advantage at sea. Over time through trial and error, its importance to the United States Navy significantly throughout the years. This improvement in technology was stressed and how to employ it more effectively in future engagements. In addition, improved methods were developed for containing aviation fuel and better damage control procedures regarding aircraft for longer sustaining operations. The importance of coordination between the Allied land-based air forces and the U.S. Navy needed improvement during this battle at sea. These issues were addressed and over time, improvements were made…

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