The Battle Of The Creek

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Smog is suffocating the clouds, and leaving it grey. The surrounding sounds of screeching and machines sputtering to the command of their owners interferes with the soft whispering of the creek itself. Everyday, every hour, the creek is poisoned. The monsters release their poison from their chambers and dispose of it into life. Past a certain point, the creek is unable to breathe, and instead of whispers, you hear gasps. It’s dead. Over the generations, especially in this day and age, ecological problems have become top priority whether it’s to presidential debates or the uprising of the environmentalists who stayed quiet for far too long. It doesn’t have to be a large national park, but observing a not-so-well-known creek like Newtown Creek, represents the sludge and poison industrialism and the human race itself has force-fed nature. Seeing a desolated creek will make anyone think twice before throwing even a gum wrapper onto the streets instead of the trash can two feet away. Throughout high school, more awareness was brought upon environmental issues than just the happy history and science behind the World. I knew a limited amount, which was historical pollutions such as heavy dumping of chemicals into water sources that have to date tainted them and killed them off or when it came to the mass deforestation for more industrial sites and how it was impacting animals, but us in general. The most discussed environmental issue was global warming, which has strong

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