The Battle Of The French Revolution

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Introduction On June 18, 1815, the last battle of Napoleon Bonaparte called The Battle of Waterloo took place in Belgium. Napoleon lived from 1769-1821. He was the French military leader and emperor. Through his ingenious military tactics, he took over much of mainland Europe in the early 19th century. The French Revolution (1789-1799) was a time of unrest. Napoleon took advantage of the unrest and was able to progress up through the ranks of the French army. At the end of the French Revolution, Napoleon had gained control of the French government in 1799. Five years later Napoleon crowned himself emperor in 1804. Napoleon eager to expand his empire, engaged in a series of wars across western and
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Napoleon’s parents despite being Corsican nobility were not wealthy. Napoleon did not grow up wealthy, and this may have led him to join the French military academy. Napoleon graduated the French military academy in 1785. He soon joined the artillery regiment of the French army. In 1789, there was much rife and discontent of the French monarchy and the French Revolution ensued. The French monarchy was overthrown in three years by the revolutionaries and proclaimed France a French republic. The revolution lasted 10 years, and Napoleon improved his military prowess through the revolution and rapidly rose through the ranks of the French army proving himself an accomplished and audacious leader. In a coup d’état, Napoleon seized political power of France in 1799. He gained the title of first consul and was France’s leading political force. In an opulent ceremony, Napoleon crowned himself emperor in 1804 . Napoleon’s hunger for more power and the expansion of the French empire lead him in a string of victorious battles against several leagues of European nations. Napoleon expanded much of the French empire across western and central continental Europe.

Planning and Preparation
As Napoleon sought to expand to the east, he met the nation of Russia. Napoleon sought to conquer Russia because they had not kept the embargo placed on
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