The Battle Of The Imperial Powers Essay

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In much of the world, surrender is an unnecessarily dirty word. For an imperial power, surrender can sometimes be worse than defeat. This is because surrender requires agency. It requires acknowledgements about one 's position, and the choices that resulted in sed position. It requires honest acknowledgement and assessment of one’s trajectory, and the probable realities of that trajectories. While easy to list through text, for those unable to accept their role in the consequences of their positions, actions, and realities, surrender can be more intimidating than defeat. This is so because for an imperial powers, the focus is on the conquering and conquering and amalgamation of the economies of others, making it easy see how surrender can be less than ideal for such a power. That isn’t to say that surrender is always an exceptable response America, child of England, and Grand Child of Rome, comes from an unfortunately distinguished line of colonizers. And though America claims to be finished with such actions, it still continues to colonize the governments and economies of foreign people. In many ways, its very existence is beginning to serves that purpose. The “higher ideals” that America claims to have been founded on are often focused so particularly that it is forgotten that America then was not just by today 's standards. The Atlantic Slave Trade could never exist at its scale with country led by any large number of slave endorsing individuals, should be viewed at
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