The Battle Of The Invasion Of Normandy

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After Marshal Montgomery blockaded Rommel, whose fame was generally known as the ‘Desert Fox’ with the navy and the air force in the Strait of Sicily for more than 100 days, the Allies won the North African Campaign on May 13, 1943. As the Allies freed for further action with the victories of about 250,000 German and Italian troops surrendered on the north coast of Africa, the British and the American strategists were facing two options as their huge army quartered in the southern Mediterranean ( One of the option was put forward by the American chief, suggesting that the Allies should transfer their forces north for the impending invasion of Europe from the English Channel. Even though this suggestion was disapproved by the English chief who held the opinion that the Allies should strike the Europe from the southern Italy, this strategy was later known as the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ that completely helped the Allies win the WW II. The option that the British chief favor for finally became the strategy of the Allies’ first-step invasion in Europe because it not only utilized the fighter cover from air bases on British Malta, 60 miles south of Sicily, but also saved the Allies’ shipping to the English Channel as the American chief suggested that. The strategy of pressing north into Italy was vividly described by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as invading the ‘the soft underbelly of Europe’( The underbelly here, however, referred to

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