The Battle Of The Japanese War

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Part 1
1. Guadalcanal
We had to fight the Japanese to get back the islands they had seized during the early part of the war. Based on the reading in Module 5 pt.2, “FDR approved a limited offensive. They chose to target the island of Guadalcanal, an island in the southern Solomons where Japan was building an airbase. The first United States Marines division had invaded.” According to “For the Common Dense”, “the Navy Marine Corp had landed at Guadalcanal in August 1942 during WWII to open the south pacific offensive and set out for months of bitter land, sea and air fighting that ended in critical Japan defeat (Millett, p.397).” Both opponents had lost warships in the combats around the island. But more ships had joined the U.S. fleet. This caused the Japanese navy to gradually reduce for the remainder of the war.
2. Plattsburg Movement
After reading Module 1, the first WWI had practically involved every nation. So the Army and Navy in 1914 began to organize for any circumstance that may occur. While preparing for these conditions by modernization and expansion, they were in the preparedness movement. During the Preparedness Movement, advocated voluntary military training called the Plattsburg movement developed. “These summer camp movement took its name from Wood’s encampment at Plattsburg, NY. By 1915 the camps were held at four locations and enrolled nearly four thousand volunteers (Millett, Pg. 306).” The Plattsburg camp had become popular by 1916 by demonstrating the
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