The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

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The Battle of the Little Bighorn On the morning of 25 June 1876 Custer’s scouts identified signs of an Indian village on the banks of the Little Big horn river. Custer had planned a surprise attack to take place the follow morning, but had received report that hostile Indians had discovered the trail left behind by his Soldiers. Custer assumed that he had lost the element of surprised and decided to attack right away, which went against his orders from higher to stay and wait for reinforcements to arrive. Custer divided unit into three battalions, one commanded by Major Marcus Reno, one by Captain Frederick Benteen and the other commanded by himself. Before movement of his 763 men spread across the three battalions Mitch Bouyer, one of Custer’s scouts, warned him of the size of the village saying, “General, I have been with these Indians for 30 years , and this is the largest village I have ever heard of.” Major Reno’s battalion was first to attack to the south end of the village. As the attack began the Indian’s came running from the village in large numbers. Quickly Reno’s element became overwhelmed and they where force to retreat to the bluffs across the river. Reno lost about 40 of his men during this engagement. As Captain Benteen and his men move forward toward the fight they encounter Reno and stop to assist them. Now with about 354 men on the bluffs Reno and Benteen organized and 360 degree defensive position. Custer split his battalion into two, one

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