The Battle Of The Midway

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The Battle of Midway The battle of midway was arguably the most important battle in the pacific because it shifted the tides of WWII from and American defensive to an American offensive in the Pacific. Midway Island is located in the North Pacific Ocean, 2010km (1250 mi) northwest of Honolulu. The two islands (east and sand island) combined have an overall area of 25sq miles. For such a small island, the battle was one of the largest of WWII. The Battle of Midway occurred only six months after Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Peal Harbor Japan 's fleet with ten aircraft carriers dwarfed the United States ' four. The Battle of Midway is best explained and understood by focusing on the people involved. Historians say that the Japanese plan was extremely complicated, consisting of many attacks starting simultanisley. historians also say that the japenese fleet out gunned the Americans heavenly. After the Pearl Harbor America was crippled and with out the large military presence of America in the pacific america and the islands it controlled were left vonrable. The Japenese we 're hoping to suprise the forces on midway island. The original japenese plan was to bomb the island of midway into submission then invade with overwhelming forces. The battle of midway turned the tide in the pacific war. Midway island was important to the United States for many reasons. One of the most important reasons midway was that midway was the closest island to the…

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