The Battle Of The Punic Wars

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The Punic Wars, a century-long conflict between Rome and Carthage started in 264 B.C. and continued until 146 B.C. when Carthage gets destroyed. Carthage, a Phoenician colony, came to be a superpower of the Mediterranean and posed a threat to the Romans. The First Punic War focuses on gaining control over the islands of Sicily and Corsica. The two powerful countries entered into a dispute between the Sicilian cities of Messana and Syracuse and established their presence on the island. Neither superpower would quickly hand over Sicily, so this local conflict transformed into a 23-year war that concluded with Rome gaining the advantage at sea forcing Carthage to admit defeat. Rome did not quit after gaining control over Sicily; they eventually forced the Carthaginians to surrender Sardinia. After their defeat in the First Punic War, Carthage started to harvest hatred for the Romans and this hostility for Rome would lead to General Hannibal, the leader of the Punic forces, to begin a campaign of vengeance. Hannibal marched his troops across the Alps in the most treacherous conditions in order to conduct a surprise attack on the Romans and invade Italy, which would be a starting factor of the Second Punic War in 218 B.C. The Carthaginians swept through the Romans in Ticinus, Trebia, and Lake Trasimene and Hannibal’s reputation grew as did his army. At this point in the war, he dictated the rules. This chain of events led to the Battle of Cannae in 216 B.C. (, 2009).…

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