The Battle Of The Raiders

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Once the official orders made its way, the Raiders realized they would have less than thirty days to plan, train and execute this mission. Furthermore, Carlson was told by Admiral Nimitz, “We are short of men, short of ship, and short of planes, ” as he was notified that he would only be allotted two submarines, the Nautilus and the Argonaut and they would not be ready until two days prior to departure from Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Moreover, the submarines could only accommodate part of the Raider unit requiring 55 raiders to remain in Pearl Harbor. Due to the high risk of this operation, one of the personnel Admiral Nimitz planned to stay in Pearl Harbor was Major James Roosevelt, the Presidents son. When Major Roosevelt received word of this news, he promptly called his father, as he wanted to deploy with his men. President Roosevelt called his Chief of Naval Operations and said, “Look my son’s an officer in that battalion. If he doesn’t go, no one goes. ” Roosevelt, the Raiders executive officer ended up deploying on the Argonaut. On the night of 17 August 1942, two thousand miles southwest of Hawaii, the Raiders surfaced in the middle of a tropical storm. The heavy rain and high seas states frustrated the Raiders as they made their way up to the main deck of the submarine to pull and build their inflatable rubber boats which were in the storage locker on deck. The Raiders had difficulty timing their jumps from the submarine to the rubber boats resulting in many falling in.
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