The Battle Of The River

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The river was an important avenue of approach for the Union army to reach and gain control of Vicksburg. The Loess Bluffs bordering the Mississippi River provided excellent observation positions for Confederate artillery to fire upon any enemy approaching via the river. Ships were particularly vulnerable to their fire because of an oxbow north of the city’s waterfront where ships were forced to slow down to make the treacherous turn. The river approach afforded no opportunities for cover and concealment.
The Confederate positions at Fort Hill and South Fort had clear fields of fire regarding approaching gunboats that afforded them a great advantage.
The oxbow proved a challenging obstacle for Union approach, and was considered in the design and placement of artillery positions by the Confederates at Fort Hill and the river batteries along the waterfront. The Confederates placed additional obstacles in the form of explosive mines within the waters of the river and canal to the north and south of the city. The U.S.S. Cairo sunk in the Yazoo River Canal due to one of these mines during the winter of 1862 while on a mission to clear the river of mines and rid the channel of Confederate batteries. The city of Vicksburg in itself was the key terrain. This fortified city was positioned to protect the Mississippi River, and without taking Vicksburg…the outcome of the Civil War would have completely different.
The Troops: We talked about the troops in the Enemy bit of METT-TC,
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