The Battle Of The Sexes

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Battle of the Sexes Social segregation is nearly inevitable in the world we live. Society is going to critique and ridicule every individual in some way. Each person will fall into some sort of stereotype whether it be due to race, religion, or even gender. In some situations this is considered a natural human instinct, however in others it is simply unacceptable. If you walk into any manual labor facility and observe the surroundings, the staff is going to be predominantly comprised of male employees. Why? Since the dawn of time women have claimed to hold the answer; they’ve cried “inequality” and complained of sexulazation by men. However the truth lies in history. Since the creation of man and woman, the two have played vastly different roles. Sexism is the idea that one gender is inherently inferior to the opposing, and is typically prevalent amongst females; however the male species have been known to be affected as well. Although sexism is an issue in the lives of both men and women, men have been known to receive benefits far superior to those of the women (Thompson 300-301). For an unattainable number of years, women have fought for equal rights and fought to have such laws enforced. Dating back as early the Civil War female historical icons such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth C. Stanton have made advances toward equality and the right to live their lives according to their preference. While women have suffered from inequality most frequently in career/work based
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