The Battle Of The Sexes

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The term “hookup” is deliberately vague and has come to replace dating on college campuses (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2009, p. 589). The notion of “battle of the sexes” is one in which women want hookups to evolve into some aspect of a relationship, while men prefer to hook up with no strings attached (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2009, p. 591). Hamilton and Armstrong’s ethnographic study of female students examine the sexual experiences of men and women. Their research indicates that the “battle of the sexes” explanation is insufficient and contributes to gender inequality by naturalizing problematic notions of gender difference (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2009, p. 609). In this paper, I will explain why their evidence of the “battle of the sexes” was inadequate and why I believe their data is sufficient with their overall findings. It is because women want independence and autonomy, they want to be self-supporting, and want to have opportunities to meet new people that women reframe from engaging in relationships. However, men’s perspective on relationships is overlooked in their data and based on my understandings of young adults, my experiences provide evidence of a “battle of the sexes” amongst students.
Contrary to the notion of the “battle of the sexes” explanation, Armstrong and Hamilton suggest that most privileged women want to be independent and gain autonomy before settling down in a relationship (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2009, p. 602). The “battle of the sexes” approach suggests…
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