The Battle Of The Silver Cannon

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Samuel walked back to the packed dirt path watching leaves fall as he adjusted his pants and slung his rifle over his shoulder. He fell back into the group of his Union soldier comrades, even though he disliked most of them and would rather be with his old companions, they left and were probably dead. Most the men he is with know are either barely old enough to hold a gun or too old to see. Except captain O’neill but he barely talked and never left his tent when they made camp. Samuel usually didn’t care about the captain but he was tired of talking to old men and boys. Samuel sped up to get past the four men pushing the bronze cannon they were bringing back to base. He approached the Captain who was riding their one and only horse.…show more content…
“Ok that makes sense but don’t you get bored being by yourself all the time?” “No actually I don’t. But thank you for your concern, I suppose.” After those last words the Captain Galloped away, leaving Samuel behind. Samuel started walking back to where he was but before he was able to get there he heard a crack and then frantic shouting. Samuel ran towards the sound as soon as he heard it. Running in the late summer heat tired him out and made his short hair wet with sweat. He heard the whinny of a horse and knew who he was about to stumble on but not what. He ran into the clearing, where he heard the horse, with revolver drawn anticipating a fight but all he saw was Captain O’neill stood over a still, lifeless body. “Captain! What happened? Are you alright?” Even shouting it looked like the Captain didn’t hear Samuel. “ Captain! What happened?” Samuel was slowly approaching the Captain now, revolver still drawn. “I- I’m fine” the Captain’s voice was hoarse and broke when he started talking, “he’s dead, I shot him.” “Well he is just a Confederate, right?” Samuel walked closer, slowly as he could tell the Captain was obviously unstable. “That’s why I shot I thought he was, he’s dressed like one.” O’neill looked over to Samuel, “I mean, It’s pretty clever.” The horse ran past Samuel, once he got close, heading back to the road. Samuel was finally close enough to see the mans face, “It’s a runaway?” The Captain wouldn’t respond, maybe he just didn’t
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