The Battle Of The Soldiers

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The three soldiers were able to make it to the coast. They had taken a route that took them around the Marines and 82nd Airborne, while making note of their numbers, vehicles and weapons. They were surprised to find them there, with Second Brigade no place in sight. They entered Baltimore from the north and headed southeast where they found much of the city sparse with life, though some civilians told them of the Supreme General and her Army and how they were defeated. The soldiers again were surprised, since they were told stories of fighter aircraft coming out of nowhere, and destroying the main base. They were also told of the mighty shells that came in and destroyed the Supreme General’s compound. Following the aircraft and shells came the Marines, fighting anyone that stood in their way, taking back the city. The people they spoke with told them not to get them wrong. They were happy with the actions of the Marines because they cleared out most of the gangs or ran them off. Life had been easier and safer since they came. They also told the three soldiers that several hundred Marines remained in the city and were securing the port and refineries. The Marines were being supplemented by the Army, possibly the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It was all so incredible, and then they were told of the ships off the coast, one of which was an aircraft carrier, which the soldiers found hard to believe. The civilians told them where to look, where
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