The Battle Of The Somme

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he World War 1 conflict saw the expansion of volunteers as the war triggered. Alongside the opposition enemy, soldiers had to contend with shortage of food and appalling conditions. The voluntary period saw the first sort of army to be set up. However this set of volunteers were formed into action later during the Battle of the Somme. This was called the Kitcheners army, largely influenced through persuasive poster campaigns. This staggeringly led to over one million men to enlist by January 1915. The major ploy was the idea of the conscription and the effectivness of the legislation, which was largely debatable. Conscription was imposed, as a result of the Military Service Act March 1916. This meant all males aged between 18 and 41 were enlisted, to support the national war effort. The act did however exempt the medically unfit and teachers from participating in the war. Therefore it was effective to some extent, as it allowed for extensive operations and excluded married men. It is thought that 1.1 million men enlisted however despite this; in April 1916 a mass demonstration was held in Trafalgar Square. This put pressure on the Liberal Party as many inexperienced men were in the heart of battle. As many failed to respond to the call up, the second Military Service Act was introduced in May 1916. The act concluded that no man who had been a prisoner of war would be eligible for call up. The act this time extended call up to Married men which meant many men were

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