The Battle Of The Somme

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Quetext About Widget FAQ Contact How was the Battle of the Somme significant to the British in World War 1? The Battle of the Somme was significant to the British in World War 1 because the British started and ended the battle, there were horrific casualties as a result of this Battle and it led to many lessons being learnt. The Battle was started by the British on the 1st July 1916 and ended on the 18th November 1916. Throughout the Battle, many smaller battles took place the most significant being day Z. The death toll was very high and many lessons were learnt from the Battle. The battle of the Somme was started by the British on the 1st of July 1916 at 7:30 am (Johnson, 2016). The plan developed by the British involved the British army (BEF) attacking the Germans along a 15 mile front north of the Somme and the French army to attacking the Germans along an 8 mile front. They planned a weeklong bombardment on the German trenches which would use a total of 1.7 million shells (Johnson, 2016). The plan was developed in hope to relieve the French army fighting at Verdun with the Germans. Two other goals were to destroy German’s reserve power and inflict heavy losses on the German army. Throughout the Battle, many important events occurred. The most gruesome day was the first day also known as day Z which led to disaster on the British side. From here there were a series of smaller attacks in preparation for a large scale assault on the 4th of July (BBC, 2016). This attack

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