The Battle Of The Spanish Civil War

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It’s safe to say that, even if someone claims to know little to nothing about Spain’s history, the names Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini ring a bell in their mind. Simply being able to recognize these names proves some knowledge on the subject of the Spanish Civil War, lasting from 1936 to 1939. For those who are unsure as to what qualifies as a civil war, defines it as, “a war between parties, factions, or inhabitants of different regions within the same nation”. In the case of the Spanish Civil War, the fight was between the Spanish republican government and the Nationalist military. Representative of the impeding power struggle between extremists in support of fascism and communism, the war began on July 18th, 1936 as an uprising by several Spanish officers. This uprising would spark the three year Spanish civil war that ultimately resulted in a 40 year dictatorship.
The left wing was referred to as the loyalists and the republicans. The groups that supported and comprised the republican cause were workers, peasants and trade unions, the Spanish government, and the three factions, the socialists, communists, and anarchists. In addition to these groups, the International Brigades, including the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, which was made of American volunteers willing to travel to aid the republican cause in the civil war, the Soviet Union, and other European Democracies, supported the republic. Many foreign artists and intellectuals such as Earnest…

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