The Battle Of The War

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In the 1899 Conference at The Hague, 59 sovereign states declared that they will abstain from the use of all kinds of diffusing, asphyxiating, or deleterious projectiles in case of an imminent war. But on the 22nd of April 1915, the agreement was disregarded. Germany was engaged in a series of battles against the strongest force of the French. The situation of the battlefield, because of the static trench warfare was alarming for the German commanders. The Oberste Heeresleitung identified that the only way to succeed would need to implement a new weapon, poison gas. On that day, observers reported no movement on the front line of the trenches, no advances, no retreats; just some muffled movements around the battlefield of the Ypres. The Germans were experiencing internal agitation while they checked the weather conditions. Days ago, they had assigned a special troop called “The Disinfected Troop” to work in extremely secrecy digging pipes and thousands of steel bottles filled with liquid chlorine gas into the trenches. The chlorine gas would be led by the wind to force the enemy to flee. Based on the positive weather forecast, the operation was ordered to begin at 06:45 on the morning. But because of the lack of favorable winds on the morning, the attack was postponed until the late afternoon. There was tension in all the soldiers of the disinfected troop; it was well known that the cylinders had gas, but none of them know what was going to be the effects of it. The gas

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