The Battle Of The War Forever

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The date is July 6, 1944. A young Solider in his early 20’s armed with a pair of wire cutters, a rifle, and explosives makes his way through Omaha Beach, through countless obstacles (Kennedy, 2012). This young Solider has a very important job. Behind him are thousands of infantrymen, desperately fighting their way up a hill; it is up to him to clear the way. However, In front of him are rows of mines, hedgehogs, wire obstacles, and barricades. He must complete these tasks all while receiving heavy fire. You see he is no ordinary Soldier, he is a Combat Engineer, and what he does here today will change the tides of the war forever (Kennedy, 2012). This engineer is well trained and comes from a long line of warriors who have paved the way for him, laying down the groundwork for what he must accomplish here today. The Combat Engineers can trace their lineage back to the 16th of June 1775. The first Chief Engineer was Colonel Richard Gridley, who was assigned by General George Washington (, n.d.). In 1779 congress would establish the first official Corp of Engineers. The Corps of Engineers first task was to build fortifications near Boston at Bunker Hill to reinforce the camp. At the time the Corps of Engineers was mostly composed of French subjects who had been hired by General Washington from the service of Louis XVI (, n.d.).
Combat Engineers have fought in every altercation that America has been involved in. From the Battle of Yorktown,…

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